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Audacity - Sound Editing



Audacity is a free open source application you can download from SourceForge: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ that allows you to record and edit audio files.

You can hook a microphone up to your computer and create your own recording. Or you can import an audio file to this program and remove or alter the sound in it.


Audacity Online Tutorial Sites:


Audacity Video

Another training video

A Wiki site about Audacity and making Podcasts

The Audacity Book online


Here's how to open a WAV file, edit it, and save as an MP3 file.

Advanced mixing of tracks (music and voice over)



This lesson moves pretty quickly, so here are some quick tips on using Audacity.


Make sure you have a good microphone plugged in before you start recording.

1) To record a new track, click the Red Dot which starts the Record function. Click the Yellow square to stop recording.

2) You can add music to Audacity by clicking on Project, Import Audio.

3) Select sections of the sound files by using the cursor to select pieces of the file. If you can't select for some reason, make sure the play function is off by hitting the Yellow square to stop playing. You have to be out of play mode to edit the files.

4) Highlight a section and use the Delete key to delete pieces you don't want in your audio file. Use this to remove long pauses, "uh's", and any pieces you don't need in your audio file.

5) Once you have the files as you want it, you need to save it to a format that will play well in Photostory or in Power Point. The most usable format for these two files is the WAV file. This takes up a lot more space than an MP3 but it works with the least amount of effort for Power Point or Photostory.

Go to File, Export as WAV and then select where you want to save it for your project. If you wish to Export as MP3, you may do that as well with the LAME plugin that you download along wtih audacity as explained below.


If you download and use Audacity at home, you have to download an add-in to export as MP3. This is a program called Win-LAME which you can find by Google-ing "WinLAME install" and finding the right download steps for you. Its just a plug-in to allow you to work in the MP3 format. The software is also located on the Source Forge site where you can download audacity.

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