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Photostory is a free download extension from Microsoft you can get at


Watch Mrs. Foote's sample Photostory on Lesley Steven Ayers here:




Here's a link to a PDF showing how to use PhotoStory 3: http://www.jakesonline.org/photostory3.pdf


Video Training for using Photostory from David Jakes Online: http://www.jakesonline.org


1) Tutorial 1 - begin a new story, add images, and manipulate the order of images on the timeline. Total time is 1 minute and 45 seconds.


2) Tutorial 2 - Removing black borders from images. Total time is 1 minute and 47 seconds.


3) Tutorial 3 - Adding text to a title slide or image. Total time is 1 minute and 32 seconds.


4) Tutorial 4 - Adding your voice narration. Total time is 5 minutes and 2 seconds.


5) Tutorial 5 - Customizing motion with Pans. Total time is 2 minutes and 11 seconds.


6) Tutorial 6 - Customizing motion with Zooms. Total time is 1 minute and 7 seconds.


7) Tutorial 7 - Fine tuning motion in your digital story. Total time is 1 minute and 25 seconds.


8) Tutorial 8 - Adding transitions. Total time is 1 minute and 39 seconds.


9) Tutorial 9 - Adding background music-mp3's - Total time is 1 minute and 32 seconds.


10) Tutorial 10 - Adding background music-onboard music. Total time is 1 minute and 41 seconds.

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