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Questions and Tips!  (New!)

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Questions and Tips


Please contact me if you have a question not answered here:

technolibrary at (@) gmail.com  for this project only

or whslibrarian at (@) eanes.k12.tx.us


REMEMBER TO CREDIT Yourself and your teacher or Westlake HS at the end of the video, so viewers are able to contact the school. 

You may use your initials if you prefer.




1.  Copyright information--

correction:  You can use up to 30 seconds of a recorded piece of music, or no more than 10%.


2.  Who do I contact to get permission to use a song?

If on a website, contact the producer or if there is no other information available, contact the webmaster for the site.

If on a cd, contact the production company or look at the artist's website to find contact information.


3.  What do I say when asking for permission?

Explain the nature of the project, share your teacher's name, and ask permission.  Let the artist know the work will be included on a webpage of projects, but that it is a school assignment.


4. Other alternatives if I do not have permission?

--Use copyright free music(see the sidebar tab on copyright free music sites)

--Make an original recording of the music using Audacity or Garage band.  (From Audacity, export the music file as an mp3, using the "File" "export" command.



1..  How do I add narration to slide.com?

You cannot record your voice on slide.com.  You can add text to your images by  using powerpoint, saving as .jpgs and then import them into slide.com with the text already on the image.  If you would like to use narration, try Voice Thread. 




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