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Voice Thread

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Voice Thread


Voice Thread allows you to import images, add your audio or text, to tell a story.  You can add multiple voices as well.


Here's a brief example of a Vietnam Voice Thread here.





Here is a tutorial about using VoiceThread:




To create a voice thread, you need to create an account.   You will also need either a webcam to record your comments, a microphone, or you can simply type in your comments.


Once you have an account, if you want to have different voices used and want others to contribute, you can either create "multiple identities" for your own account, or ask others to create a separate account and join your Voice Thread.


(To create multiple identities, click on your "image" or face at the bottom of the screen in the black portion of the screen below the slide.  A box comes up that allows you to create a new identity.   Import a picture for that identity, add a name, and then you can record under that photo--this would be helpful if you are having someone read the letter of a soldier, for example.)





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